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Our Staff

Jim Sisk has been in property management since 1999.  He previously worked in the construction industry accumulating extensive knowledge of building design and systems.  As a property manager, he has extensive experience managing multi-site condominiums overseeing all aspects of the properties including daily operations, building maintenance, budgets and capital projects.  Jim has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bryant College and he has a Massachusetts Real Estate Sales License.
Ellen Brown has extensive background and experience working with both Trustees and unit owners in creating an atmosphere and procedures that allow Trustees to be removed from the day to day minutia of unit owner stresses while encompassing the strong support of unit owners in resolving their individual needs in a constructive way.  Ellen Brown has a strong grasp of state and municipal laws and regulations, including but not limited to condominium law and regulations.  She has worked with Trustees in formulating or changing Rules and Regulations of the condominium to make certain they are appropriate for the particular association’s needs.

Ellie Teo provides all the administrative services to the condominium including the production of financial reports monthly on the income, assets and liabilities of the condominium, cash or accrual. She can instantly retrieve the status of payment and receipt of common area fees.