Services & Specialties

R Brown Partners’ computerized record keeping systems utilizes “Yardi” programs. Monthly financial statements are provided to Trustees with percentage comparisons of income and expenses to the operating budget during the fiscal year as well as a balance sheet showing assets and liabilities, accounts receivables, accounts payable and monthly expense registers. These can be transmitted by mail or electronically. Management recommends and prepares budgets for Trustees based upon historical operating expenses as well as future needs. We have a strong record for operating condominiums within budget.

R Brown Partners provides all unit owners with mailing labels for their condominium fee payments. Funds are entered into our system and electronically scanned and deposited within 24 hours of receipt. Owners also have the option of paying their fees by authorizing us to electronically deduct the amount directly from their bank accounts. Late notices are mailed by the middle of every month and followed with the calls to unit owners.  Late fees, if applicable, are enforced and management coordinates legal action when appropriate.  You have the option of receiving monthly bills.

Insurance is always put out to bid to ensure the association is receiving the appropriate coverage for the most competitive bid. We are well versed in the requirements of lenders, condominium documents and limits as well as benefits of various forms of coverage. We enjoy a good working relationship with the insurance industry. Since 1998, R Brown Partners negotiated the placement of insurance of 90% of the properties with a single A rated insurance company. The group rate resulted in dramatic savings to condominium associations with the added benefit of extensive coverage.

Insurance carried by R Brown Partners include Real Estate Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions), Employee Dishonesty $100,000, Liability $1,000,000/$2,000,000 and Umbrella Liability $5,000,000.

Requests for routine maintenance would be made directly to R Brown Partners by telephone, fax or email. Unit owners are also provided with the voice mail numbers of management staff should owners wish to leave messages of a non-emergency nature outside of traditional working hours. R Brown Partners maintains a live answering service on nights, weekends and holidays. The answering service has authority to call all staff members at home. The voice mail systems activates pagers for all key personnel 24 hours per day.

All bills are carefully monitored for amounts and proper property allocation. The property manager and the R Brown Partners staff would conduct an initial assessment of the needs of the condominium at the time of the commencement of the contract. Preventive maintenance is scheduled through appropriate outside contractors and overseen by the property manager. We would make recommendations in writing to the Trustees of adjustments, additions or deletions to your present preventive maintenance program. The property manager would oversee services such as fire alarm, sprinkler systems, elevators and supervision of services that necessitate an outside contractor.

We have a small in-house staff for emergencies and small maintenance jobs. Most services are outsourced for competitive bids. Licensed insured sub-contractors perform all cleaning, snow removal, landscaping, etc. R Brown Partners, by not employing specific individuals, except for emergencies and small maintenance jobs, ensures that your condominium is not paying for the cost of keeping an employee on staff, often in excess of the needs of individual condominium associations. R Brown Partners is usually a major customer of these subcontractors and is able to insist upon prompt, quality service. Property management visits are made often.

R Brown Partners would prepare and obtain trustee signatures for issuance of a 6(d) certificate at time of closing or refinancing. R Brown Partners will provide sellers, buyers and/or their attorneys and lenders, upon request, with copies of condominium documents, financial statements, minutes of meetings as well as complete forms for the lending institution involved in financing a condominium. A nominal fee for duplication and preparation of these documents is charged and paid by the unit owner.